Tetragram partners with Cannabis Education and Research Institute on cannabis research

Tetragram, a cannabis technology company, is partnering with the Cannabis
Education and Research Institute (CERI)
to conduct a wide-ranging research survey into
the medicinal uses, doses, routes of administration, and potential side effects of cannabis.

The research relies on an anonymous survey that asks cannabis users about cannabis
strains, specific products, and the botanical’s medicinal uses.

“Federal regulations have made cannabis research in the United States almost nonexistent.
That’s why this research is so important,” said Otha Smith, III, CEO of Tetragram. “Cannabis
users have largely relied on a frustrating trial-by-error process to find the most effective
products for their conditions. We need more product-specific research.”

The research will provide valuable information to cannabis users as well as to cannabis
dispensaries and growers who can create and sell products that better align with the needs
of patients and cannabis users.

Smith called CERI the right partner for the research. “We can help patients obtain better
insights and better buying decisions,” Smith said.

CERI CEO David Knowlton said people using cannabis for medical conditions such as
chronic pain, anxiety, cancer, epilepsy, and other conditions need greater insight and

“All cannabis is not the same — and patients need information to guide them to the right
strain and dosage for their condition. The Tetragram community will help us create
research valuable to all cannabis users,” Knowlton said.

The principal investigator of the research is Sandy Gibson, PhD., MSW, a researcher and
professor at The College of New Jersey. The research will collect information about
terpenes and cannabinoids, both compounds that are abundant in the cannabis plant and
have different effects.

Tetragram is a free, private, and secure mobile app that enables cannabis and CBD
consumers to track the products they purchase, rate the effectiveness of products, and
share their reviews with a cannabis community. Current Tetragram users will receive an
email inviting them to participate in the 8-minute, confidential survey. New users will be
asked to participate as they sign up for the Tetragram app. The survey is completely
voluntary and will not be linked to the data in the users’ Tetragram app. Declining to
answer the survey will not affect use of the app in any way.

The creation of Tetragram was inspired by Smith’s recuperation after he nearly died in
a 2006 car accident. Concerned about continuing to take the opioids he was prescribed
for pain, Smith turned to cannabis. He found it challenging, though, to find and then
remember the strains that were most effective for his different types of pain.

Smith created Tetragram to enable cannabis users to journal and share their

CERI works to advance unbiased medical research and credible information about
medicinal cannabis. Before leading CERI, Knowlton founded the Compassionate Care
, an alternative treatment center that dispensed medicinal cannabis in Egg
Harbor Township from 2013 until 2020. He worked with medicinal patients and saw
firsthand how cannabis helped patients.

“The survey is voluntary and anonymous. But I would say that in our experience,
cannabis users are generally happy to share their best practices with others,” said
Knowlton. “We believe patient experiences are essential to cannabis research, and we
are pleased to begin this partnership with Tetragram.”

Tetragram is SAAS platform based in Baltimore, MD. Tetragram’s mission is to empower
cannabis and CBD consumers with the ability to Track, Rate, and Share their personal
experiences with others. In addition, Tetragram partners with dispensaries, wholesalers, and
the medical community to provide a clear understanding of the impact of cannabis and CBD
use and the ability to connect directly to consumers. More information is available
at Tetragramapp.com.

The Cannabis Education and Research Institute is a non-profit organization based in
Pennington, New Jersey. CERI’s goal is to advance accessibility of medicinal cannabis through
unbiased, evidenced-based research provided to consumers, clinicians, payers and policy
makers so they can make informed decisions about cannabis. More information is available at

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