Which Strain of Cannabis is the Best?

Like asking, "what's the best shoe?"—the answer depends entirely on what meets your goals and makes you feel awesome.

Limonene, Terpinolene, and Beta-caryophyllene (Oh, My!!) Terpenenes are the key to your optimal cannabis experience, but who can keep track?

We know that cannabis offers relief for a wide variety of healthcare needs. With millions of products, strains & delivery methods available, you’re sure to find a cannabis product to meet your needs!

But with those millions of products comes a million ways to get lost in the details; it can be an overwhelming challenge to find just the right cannabis products to suit your health goals. That’s why we created Tetragram, an all-in-one app solution to help you document, decode & discover your path to better wellness.

Tetragram is FREE  for users, helping you find relief as fast as possible. 

How it Works

Your Custom Path to Cannabis Relief

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Record Symptoms & Track Your Health Goals

  • Cannabis products affect each person individually. Document your unique health goals to help find relief for your symptoms as fast and effectively as possible
  • Use the built-in cannabis journal to decode which products, combos, and delivery methods offer the greatest relief
  • No more trying to recall strain or product names when you want the same relief
Faster Relief


Find Your Perfect Products For Faster Symptom Relief

  • Remember your favorite products
  • Send info to your physicians to optimize your treatment plan
  • Receive special offers via push notification from dispensaries
Discover Community


Connect with Community & Find What's Worked for Others

  • Unlock the wisdom of the crowd
  • Discover what’s worked for others with similar health goals
  • Connect with new friends in our private and secure social groups and message board


Decode &


How Cannabis Works for You

Tetragram app helps you discover your optimal cannabis experience by documenting your goals and decoding your perfect products.

(It's free, private, and secure.)