We're so serious about privacy that we have a manifesto. We also have an official privacy policy which you can read here. We believe your cannabis data is yours, and only yours. Here is our commitment to keeping it that way.


What sort of data do we collect?

  • How you use the app
    We’re trying to make the best cannabis journaling app you have ever used. We collect anonymous data about usage: how much you log, how frequently you log, and
  • Custom Symptoms
    We look to see what sort of custom symptoms all of our users enter to find out what we should build for in our system. Your custom symptoms are not associated with any identifiable information.
  • Errors and Support
    We try to avoid collecting anything that could be tied back to an individual. However, if something goes wrong with your app, we need some extra information to ensure that we can fix it. In the event of a bug or a crash, we may collect some extra logging information about your phone and setup. We commit to collecting the minimum amount of data, ensuring that it is impossible (Or at least very difficult) to tie back to an individual, and not sharing it with third-party services.


How do we make money?

We plan on making money through a few routes, each of which is designed to maximize your privacy while also giving the best possible data back to the industry:

  • Partnerships with Dispensaries
    Your budtenders and dispensaries are trying to keep up with an industry that changes by the day. We want to help them keep a pulse on what product works and for whom. We let them see what products our users rate well for individual strains. This information is aggregated (It’s everyone all together) and not traced to a single individual.
    1. Partnerships with Medical Providers
      While we don’t expect your doctor to hand you a prescription for a specific brand of gummy, we do want them to have a better understanding of what works well for patients. We’re perfecting a data model that helps doctors see what truly works for a variety of symptoms—regardless of strain or method of use.
  • Localized Ads
    We let dispensaries place advertisements based on only one thing: your zip code. We’ll give them information on how many people interact with the ad, but not who specifically clicked on it. No big brother here.


Privacy of Minors

Tetragram is an app for medical cannabis and is written and designed for an adult audience. This app is not intended for minors, and we do not intend to collect information on them.

Updates to this privacy manifesto (policy)

Our commitment stands firm, but sometimes we may need to update this policy as things change with our business. As a user of our service, we will send you an email that explains what we are changing, why, and links to this. If you’re anything like us, you will delete that email immediately, but we’ll still send it.