Tetragram CEO Otha Smith talks with The Cannigma about cannabis dosing

By Nico Crespo

Otha Smith III, the CEO of Tetragram was featured in podcast “The Cannigma” with other panelists talking about cannabis dosing and why it is so important.

“I feel the answer to the question of how to dose properly with cannabis definitely lies in the ability to track your consumption and the Tetragram app provides this,” Smith said.

Otha Smith III
Tetragram CEO Otha Smith III talks about his cannabis technology company.

Tetragram is a mobile app that provides cannabis consumers with the ability to keep track of the products they use. It also allows the consumers to determine which products are most effective and which consumption methods meet their needs. Everyone’s endocannabinoid system operates differently, which is why journaling your own specific reactions to different cannabis products and methods of consumption is important. 

“There was a recent report that was published that said 60 percent of people don’t feel confident that their doctors can provide the proper recommendations on what to use,” Smith said. “One of the things that’s really key to Tetragram is that we also have a community side, where people can share their reviews anonymously with each other.”

“You can search for a product or you can search for a product that’s dependent upon a medical condition, so you can have somewhat of a head start when you enter a dispensary looking at crowdsourced data to see what people have rated as being effective and then what was that method of consumption.”

Tetragram is the future, not only for dosing but for a new form of education in the cannabis industry. Knowledge is power and Tetragram has given cannabis patients a new way to share their experiences.

The other speakers included: Elana Goldberg, Ruth Fisher, PhD, Codi Peterson, PharmD, Perry Davidson and Dr. Dustin Sulek.

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