Tetragram CEO Otha Smith III chops it up on Cannatalk with Roz and co-host Erik Range

By Nico Crespo

Tetragram CEO Otha Smith III discusses the future of Tetragram and how to utilize the app on the live talk show, Cannatalk with Roz.

The show is hosted by Roz McCarthy, founder and CEO at Minorities for Medical Marijuana and co-hosted by Erik Range, founder of  Hemp&Fork.

Tetragram is a mobile app that provides cannabis patients and consumers with the ability to keep track. 

“We are using this data to help the industry as a whole,” Smith said. 

Tetragram provides users the ability to share reviews on various strains and cannabis products. 

Tetragram CEO Otha Smith
Tetragram CEO Otha Smith III chops it up on Cannatalk with Roz and co-host Erik Range.

Tetragram is constantly evolving and growing, with a comment section in the works to give users the ability to provide feedback. 

“We pride ourselves on the fact that this was built for patients, by patients and we welcome any feedback so that we can make this the best software experience for the community at large,” Smith said.

Physicians continue to work with Smith in developing the app. 

“When it comes to the physicians they have been instrumental in helping us spread the word about Tetragram because physicians and dispensaries are always telling people to keep track of what you’re using,” Smith said.

Otha Smith III

“ So when I show these physicians Tetragram they’re like, ‘Oh my God! Finally we have something that is technologically based, because the amount of people that actually write stuff down is very low.’ It gives the community the ability to do it on their phone, that increases [data recording] tenfold.” 

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