How to Maintain Medical Cannabis Journals

Keeping medical cannabis journals is an incredible method. It assists you with boosting the intensity of cannabis utilization. Singular strains sway everybody in an unexpected way, and recalling what it was that you enjoyed so well on your last excursion to the dispensary can get somewhat foggy—especially when various producers’ strains will have various qualities, as well.

Stage 1: Understand the Concept of Medical Cannabis Journals

Why is keeping medical cannabis journals so significant? To start with, it makes it simpler to monitor things that don’t concur with you. Have you ever vaped something that made you feel absolutely lazy and wound up pondering whether you ought to have known to maintain a strategic distance from this strain? With a cannabis journal, you can essentially flip back and reference whether you’ve attempted a specific strain previously and how you felt about it.

It additionally makes it simpler to see designs. Maybe you’re encountering cannabis-initiated suspicion just when that you likewise expend espresso, yet except if you record those things through the span of a few days or weeks, it very well may be difficult to translate those associations.

At long last, journaling is useful for your general wellbeing. Studies have discovered that journaling develops self-assurance, sharpen relational abilities, and even increment your IQ!

Stage 2: Figure Out Your Medium

Is it accurate to say that you are the sort of individual who likes to compose things longhand or use a notice application on your telephone? Maybe the more significant inquiry is: What kind of journal will you stay aware of each and every day? The greatest and maybe most troublesome piece of keeping any kind of journal is staying aware of it every day.

On the off chance that you incline toward advanced journaling, discover an application that will remind you during the day to stay aware of your notes. Keep your medical cannabis journal by your bed or some place that you won’t be enticed to overlook it. Composing longhand can be gainful—considers have demonstrated that it keeps your mind sharp and encourages you adapting—however it’s not advantageous for everybody, so pick the medium that works best for you.

Stage 3: Decide What to Write in Medical Cannabis Journals

Cannabis journals can be an incredible method to assist you with understanding your preferred strains and how they can supplement your way of life, however what kind of things would it be advisable for you to expound on?

Beginning Perspective

How were you feeling before you smoked, vaped, or had a consumable? Is it accurate to say that you were worried about work? Tired from a difficult day? On the off chance that you were encountering tension, would it say it was surprisingly articulated? Make certain to note anything strange.

Cannabis Usage

Monitor the strain and brand, the utilization strategy you utilized, when you devoured, how rapidly you began to feel impacts. Make certain to take note of the dispensary you got the item from so you can follow it down again.

Cannabis Impacts

How serious were the impacts? When did they begin to decrease? What did you like or aversion about your experience? Perhaps you found a strain that you cherished generally, yet that gave you dry mouth. Assuming this is the case, you can approach your budtender for something comparable with less probability of causing dry mouth next time.

Nourishment and Water

Did you have an immense informal breakfast? It may have been the eggs benedict making you drowsy throughout the evening, not the Golden Goat. Monitor whether you ate less or more than normal, regardless of whether you ate anything abnormal, whether you drank espresso, tea, or liquor, whether you felt got dried out, etc.

Agony, Ailment, or Sensitivities

This could incorporate sensitivities to nourishment, ecological hypersensitivities (dust, dust, pets), sharp or dull torment, or manifestations of any disease that you experience. In case you’re taking meds or enhancements other than cannabis, list those also.


How long of rest would you say you are getting? Is it true that you are resting straight through or waking every now and again? You can utilize an application, for example, Sleep Cycle to assist you with monitoring how well you’re dozing.


Record your physical movement, regardless of whether that implies exercises or simply the progression depends on your wellness tracker.

Attempt to record no different things each and every day, regardless of whether you don’t devour any cannabis. You shouldn’t have to record everything that we’ve recorded here—these are simply recommendations. A medical cannabis journal is something that is solely yours, so don’t hesitate to adjust it as you go.

Stage 4: Schedule Your Journaling Time

Calendar your journaling time every day, regardless of whether you decide to spend only a couple of moments or a half-hour at once. Writing in your journal before anything else is an incredible method to dissect your rest and to perceive how you’re feeling before you’ve devoured any cannabis. In the interim, journaling at night enables you to investigate the day, examine any temperament moves, and perceive how your admission of cannabis, caffeine, nourishment, water, and different prescriptions influenced you for the duration of the day. In the event that you like, you can even do both. On the off chance that you neglect to journal for a couple of days, don’t surrender—start back in and continue attempting until you set the propensity.

Health journals are important apparatuses in comprehending this insane thing we call life, especially when we have such a wide universe of cannabis strains and items available to us. Take a stab at writing in medical cannabis journals or half a month to see the sort of contrast that it can make in your life.

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