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Tetragram is a smart, digital journal that helps you get the most out of medical cannabis.

It’s free, private, and secure.

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Enter individual components (like terpenes and cannabinoids) so that you can get more specific than just the strain name.

Save your session so you can track which products give you the most relief for your symptoms. 

We won't force you to track things in a certain way - track as little or as much information as you want.


Creating a diary of your cannabis experiences is the fastest way to know what works best for you. Keep track of what you’ve had and how it helps. No more remembering strain names.


Each type of cannabis has its own unique effect. Understand what works best for you, and find other products that work similarly. You can share your ratings with our community to help others find the most effective products.

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Log a session screenshot


Uniquely yours in every way. Create custom symptoms, take photos, write detailed notes, and focus on making the most helpful experience for you.

Untangle your Treatment

The many elements that make Cannabis wonderful can also make it confusing and overwhelming.
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